Unable to view User midi files notes in Piano Roll

Hi there team Cubasis.
I’m on iOS 13.3 iPad Pro 11.
I’m having issues with user midi files, not built in midi.
Transfer midi files into Cubasis Folder.
Open Cubasis
Create a new midi track.
Try drag and drop midi into track, it won’t let you but rather creates a new track.
Drag the midi files from new midi track onto the one you previously created,
Double tap on it to open piano roll, you can’t see midi notes.
Please watch the video for better understanding.

Hi John1289,

If possible, please upload an example file via Dropbox or similar, and let me have the download link via private message.


Hi there Lars I just sent you a Pm and also a link to an other issue I encountered

Hi John 1289,

confirmed, and is addressed for next update.

CBT-1281 In own midi files midi notes are not displayed in the midi editor

Workaround : Create an empty midi event on the midi track and glue both midi events together. Now the midi notes are displayed inside the midi editor.