Unable to view Yamaha Steinberg FW in Cubase LE AI Elements 8

Hello all,
I have been using my Motif XF6 for 4 yrs now with the Cubase LE AI Elements 8. Today I cannot find the Yamaha Steinberg FW in the ASIO Drivers list in the VST Audio System Device setup.
Also on my MAC, I cannot find the Yamaha input in my Audio Midi setup either.
When I open System Preferences–> Yamaha Steinberg FW… I only see and Empty window.

MAC Spec:
10.15.6 Catalina

Please help!!!
Heman JK

Hi and welcome,

I would double-check the cable and the connections. If this seems to be OK, I would try to reinstall the driver.

What macOS version do you use? Didn’t you upgrade your macOS by any chance?

Cable connections all good. reinstalled driver too.

I think the problem is there is no Yamaha FW support for the latest Catalina 10.15.6 upgrade. I am unable to revert to previous OS as well.

-Heman JK


Did you upgrade from macOS 10.14 to 10.15 or didi you update from 10.15.5 to 10.15.6, please?

Make sure the driver is enabled in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy, please.

My Mac automatically upgrades overnnight. I checked the history. It went straight from 10.14.6 to 10.15.6 within 2 weeks.

Also The Driver installation was completed ( The installation was enabled already in the Security & Privacy window).

So there’s I guess nothing which I can do, to record my music on Cubase.



It seems the driver is not compatible anymore. Do you have the latest driver installed, please?

Yes Martin, I have 2.0.3 FW. That is the latest.

I am right now working on my Time Machine backup, to revert to Mojave instead of Catalina. I guess that is the only solution.