Unacceptable Cubase behaviour when opening multiple parts in Variaudio mode

Ok, this has been driving me up the wall.

When I’m working with vocals in Variaudio mode and trying to align words, Cubase opens each part in completely random position, not where the cursor is or where I click, just completely random.

What’s worse every time, every part I open is zoomed in or out to a different level, so if I go between parts it takes me quite some time to realize which section of a part is opened and where I am/what I’m looking at. Sometimes it maybe zoomed in that I see 50 notes, sometimes it opens zoomed in one 2 notes.

And it doesn’t seem to remember the part when I leave it, so if I closethe part I edited, open another and then go back to the part I just edited, I still end up in a random section of the part, again, zoomed in/out randomly.

Editing and aligning Variaudio is a complete nightmare because of this.

See the picture. If I click on any part in the yellow area the red circles show random areas that get opened and zoomed to random ratios. Each time it seems to be a different part. Never the same or where I leave it (close it)

C10.0.6 W10