Unacceptable latency on first project after install

I’ve just installed Cubasis 3 on my Android 12 Lenovo tablet P-11 Plus with 6gb ram. On creating my first project, first track, selecting piano and tapping chord or notes on the screen interface, there is really bad latency. It’s impossible to play in time with the metronome and every event is at least a semiquaver behind the beat.

I purchased and installed this from the Android play store, but to be honest, I requested a refund within the time period and it’s now uninstalled untill I get some feedback as to how to resolve this. Any advise please? Having watched tutorials on this before installing, I never saw latency like this when watching videos of people demonstrating the piano roll or chord pads.

Did you try in the “settings > audio” to set the multicore to max?

Many thanks for your reply. I had not checked that option. But having moved this to MAX there is a some improvement. Any other setup tips for reducing latency.

Hi @carnuke

Thanks for your message.

As an addition you may try choosing a lower latency value (located under “Setup/Audio”).

Hope that helps!