Unacceptable shipping costs for USB e-licenser

Besides the archaic nature of having to have an e-licenser of any kind (many modern software companies don’t need this), to make matters worse when upgrading to Artist I now find out that I need to switch to a USB key e-licenser. Which is even more archaic. Why isn’t this simply optional? If someone wants the “portability” of the USB key they can buy one.

But worse yet? Steinberg charges $34 for the USB key (rip off already), then charges $33 for shipping to Canada. Really?! A 30-pound UPS battery backup costs less than that for me to get shipped across the country. This is shameful business practice, Steinberg.


You can buy USB-eLicenser directly from your local music store (at least here in Europe).

Yea thats what i did a couple of years ago.