Unactivated Cubase AI 8 grace period upgrade to Cubase AI 9

I apologize for this second post, but yesterday when I asked help my post didn’t got through the forums topic. :angry:

Anyways, I had Purchased a MG10XU in which, I got a Cu-base AI Download Access Code which I have already put in my steinberg account to check the validity but I never activated the software as I was using another DAW which was expiring, But now as a new version of Cubase AI 9 is launched and I want to use the grace period to upgrade from Cubase AI 8 to Cubase AI 9 but I dont get a download link of Cubase AI 9 in my account, there is only Cubase AI 8 Link.

Please help me with the instructions in order to upgrade and install the Cubase AI 9 with my existing License.

There are no grace period updates for the AI version line