Unaesthetic tie defaults in general

Hello developers,

i have gone through all the options but i could not find one that prevents ties from generally cutting the barlines only slightly. I don’t know if there is an exact term for this, but see the attached graphic file.
As a professional engraver it really bothers me, that even in your options dialog the ties get stuck in the barlines which is quite unaesthetic and irritating. All of my customers would complain if i would not modify a tie or slur behaviour like this.

I hope you can add an option or change the general behaviour in a future update.


By barlines do you mean staff lines? — staff lines are horizontal and come in groups of five; barlines are vertical.
In any case, traditionally engraved music contains countless examples of ties crossing both barlines and staff lines.

I think the OP is referring to ties that just touch on a staff line at the apex of the tie. The objection is not that the tie crosses the staff line, but that it appears to blend into it.

Oooups, yes, sorry i meant staff lines (not my language)
And yes, sure ties can cross every line in the score,
thank you Dan, it‘s exactly as you have corrected me

edit: nevermind


if I understand you right, you don’t want to have ties touching staff lines. There is a setting in Engraving Options under “Ties crossing staff lines” (Haltebögen -> “Haltebögen, die Notenzeilen kreuzen” in German), which avoids collisions od ties and staff lines.


Great thanks,
i had the main option selected, that had no really visible effect to my liking…
But then there is the little advances tab with all the hidden gems :wink: