unanswered questions @ NAMM

I went by the booth at NAMM and while I did get a few tips, I was surprised that I couldn’t get answers to a few questions.

  1. Keycommands from v4 - 5.5…I can’t get them to import…neither could the steinberg rep.
  2. Coloring tracks…can’t color multiple tracks in the arrange window.

There were a few other things I learned being there, but I would assume a tech should have these answers.

Coloring multiple tracks at once can be done with the project logical editor…

it shouldn’t have to be, but…

Colouring multiple tracks in arrange page:

Use shift select tracks in arrange window then select your colour from the top colour block thingy - colours them all at once…

Does’nt work all the time on my system. maybe 40% of the time…

Make sure you don’t have any events selected otherwise it will color those instead.

Agreed, you have to be sure no events are selected in the project (Select None - Shift+Command+A), then you can select the color for all the highlighted tracks from the color pull-down.

You cannot do it by selecting one track and using the modifier to change the color on the individual track. Is this a feature people would like to see added?
Before and After.png

Anything to make a tedious job easier… :wink:

I had 2 more questions I couldn’t remember @ NAMM…

1…sometimes hitting * doesn’t activate play and record at the same time…is there a preference to check?
2…In N4 you could undo while recording, now if I delete and event by accident and press ctrl-z nothing happens.

Are there any fixes for these?

yesterday in a session, I made sure no events were selected and still it didn’t work.

I always find it works sometimes only.

I can’t say I experience this at all. Are you sure you don’t have anything selected via the split pane etc? It works 100% as expected here.

Always works for me.