Unbelievable, Eucon BS Again!!!

So, I’m coming down the home stretch of rebuilding all of my KC’s and prefs. I sat down an hour and a half ago to load in the last batch of Plug-in Presets. I started up the MC. It lit up. NO CONNECTION TO THE PC AGAIN!!! :angry:

I checked the Eucontrol and there was no workstation listed. All columns were blank! When this happens, there is no way to wake this thing up. I’m forced to uninstall the software, which almost never does a complete uninstall, and start over. Sure enough, it left a fragment that I couldn’t get rid of. This fragment would not get out or let me install 3.1.3 over it.

Now, I have to reboot. My desktop is scrambled again (more waste of time!) but this time the fragment let go and I could delete it. I did a fresh install of 3.1.3. The MC now sees the PC. I launch N6.5. Nuendo doesn’t see the MC, claiming there’s no Eucon software (WTF?)! Another reboot. N6.5 sees Eucon but THE MC HAS DROPPED THE CONNECTION AGAIN (insert blood curdling scream here)!!! I’ve already lost 2 weeks re-building the system from scratch with a fresh C drive. That was supposed to be the fix for all of this nonsense. How is this STILL happening?

Never in my entire life have I worked on a more poorly designed device than this Satanic POS! I have now wasted another 90 minutes just TRYING to get to work. How does Avid stay in business???

As far as I have followed your rants (and please stop staring up new threads about this), your problem can be narrowed down to to possible causes:

A. A problem with your network
B. A hardware problem. (the unit, the cable, …)