unblocking your ears

hi fella’s
just a silly question , in all of your years of recording and monitoring what is the most common way you use to unblock your ears when you have been in an environment of hi SPL .
Ive always been able to hold my nose and blow but today this is not happening which typical as ive just bought some Adams a7x and im dying to mix with them .
Any funny remedies are welcome :wink:

Hydrogen peroxide in the ear canal to loosen wax. Lie head on side and allow to work for 5 or 10 minutes. Follow with warm water gently injected into ear canal with ear-bulb. Repeat as necessary.

Quiet until better…

If you’re listening to music at such high levels you ears are “blocked”, whatever that means, then you have damaged your hearing. Stop.

Same here. I don’t think you can address fatigue by popping your ears.

so your telling me you guys have never had the feeling of waiting for your ears to pop like coming back down to land in an aeroplane or you have had water in your ear and waiting for it to clear ??? :astonished: Strange .
As far as I know im still as deaf as what ive always been :wink:

I suppose I have had, but I don’t mix at high levels like I did when younger. When my ear feel “off” I step away and take a break because I get edgy. Not sure how to describe it… its like there is a notch at a frequency that drives me stir crazy. It is maddening actually.

cheers woodcrest and split , I didn’t have to wait to long thank god !!! :wink:

yes I know what you mean Tom I haven’t had ear fatigue for years ,as you say taking breaks normal helps ,this one has to go down in the experience book one thinks lol
Anyway back too business :wink:

And well done murray !!!

+1 works here.
Give them a lil quiet time.

Get sleep and lots of it, then some downtime away from noise.

To Swamptone’s point, if you are prone to waxy build up, this is good therapy, but that would not, in my opinion, be related to noise exposure. Its good to keep the ear canals clean, however, my family doctor says the only thing you should put in your ear is your elbow… so the jury’s out on what’s truly safe.

I’m late for my nap!

This one is right up my alley. There is a maneuver known as “valsalva”. Simply described you can close your mouth and pinch off your nose . Then, as if you wear blowing up a balloon, easily blow. The Eustachian tubes of the middle ear help to equalize pressure and provide drainage when necessary to the middle ear. This will help to change middle ear pressure

You will likely pop your ears and see an immediate change . Be careful and gentle until you may discover that some work easily and other take no change from this.

Disclaimer: do your own research on the valsalva maneuver , poster takes no responsibilities for the use of this technique. The information above is like that of an alcohol still. It is illegal to do but not illegal to know how… :smiley:

Have you seen your gp?
Maybe you need to have your ears syringed usually they recommend putting drops of olive oil to soften any wax built up in your ears before the syringe.this should start to clear wax and protect your ear drums.

But before putting anything in your ears get a professionals opinion.

Top tip don’t use cotton wool as it sticks to wax towels also do this.

Of course, when it comes to clients, another way of unblocking your ears is to take your hands off of them! :laughing: :unamused:

I was thinking of pushing a paper towel into my ear but there’s nothing to stop it coming out the other side :wink:

all good back to normal :smiley: :smiley: love my new Adams with a passion that only gets seen on x rated channels !!!

Good one! I think we all understand that reference. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Glad it worked out.

:smiley: :wink: