Hi all,

New track is out :slight_smile:. I really like it, we had a lot of fun writing all the parts for this one.
The mix was a pain though, and I’d like some pointers if you have any.

I feel the kick is too low and lacking the punch I want, but I really can’t get it any louder than this. It’s already by far the loudest thing in the mix, causing some pumping on the master compressor.
I’ve tried Compressors everywhere in the chain and I can’t seem to get it right, so I’d love to hear what you would do!

[edit: new version]

As a track I quite like it. Lots of potential.
I think for the first chorus I would have replaced the bass with sustained cello notes. In verse 2 it starts to build with the drums and that may have been a good place to introduce the bassline.
Kik-wise - Saw a tip somewhere long ago about layering 2 kiks. One has a snappier top end than the other. EQ out the opposite ends of both & put through a group. Obviously a big discussion possible about frequencies, but it’s an idea. The current kik is muddying the mix.

Liked it though.

Thanks a lot Neil, good suggestions :slight_smile:
I’ll have a go at all of them!

I like the song!

No offense, just a honest advice: leave the mixing/mastering to the experts.

I think that’s a bit of an unfair tip, Zappaterro, and I say that in a nice, polite way.
Isn’t the whole point of the forum to share our musical ideas and seek to improve our Cubase/mixing/mastering skills through the worldwide skills of others?
I put my tracks up, not because they’re going to be chart topping hits, but to see if anyone comments good or bad on elements or all of the mix.
Surely we purchase Cubase to get into mixing and mastering, and to do more with our compositions than are possible without it.
When I started learning an instrument and recording to a 1 track reel-to-reel tape, I had no idea that in the future there would be midi and samples and even computers.
I love composing music, but I equally love the challenge of mixing and mastering it.
I’ve also gained SO much from the comments of all the members here and on other music forums (Planet Z for instance).
We’re all on a journey to produce a better mix next time and the fun part is often the journey not the destination.
So, by putting it up here, Strophoid has gone part way to making the next track better in terms of production.
No offense to you either, but really, that IS the whole point of sharing our music on this forum.
Enjoy your day

In principle I agree with your statement.
But if one would compare the sound of Strophoid with the one of MarQs e.g. one would realize that there is a whole world between. Can that be solved with a little help from forum members? I don’t think so.
Correct me if I’m wrong but MarQs sounds so much better because most probably he let the experts finalize the sound. Most of us (including myself) are not able to produce a perfect sound at home. It requires a lot of knowledge, patience and money for good equipment, room etc.
I would not share my thoughts if I would not believe in the quality of Strophoids songs. They are very good and deserve a good sound in order to make them perfect.

It’s one of those conversations that could go on and on ad infinitum, but would also hijack Strophoids upload, so let’s leave it for others to make comments on the track eh?

Thanks for your comments both. Interesting subject, although not entirely what I was expecting here :stuck_out_tongue:

First and foremost: I’m fully aware I’m not a pro, and that my mixes don’t sound nearly as good as some others shared here.
I’m a hobbyist with just a few years of experience and no education on the subject, taking great joy in recording and mixing music and learning something along the way. As Neil said, that’s the very reason I’m sharing my music here.

I know I can’t do a perfect mix, and I probably never will. But I also know my mixes keep improving gradually with experience and the feedback I receive. As long as there are people around who are willing to share their ideas and feedback, I’d be silly not to take advantage of that right?

If you feel the song deserves better, then that’s a compliment to the songwriter and I’ll be sure to pass that on. If she were to decide to work with a professional studio I’d be all for it, that too would be a great experience and I agree with you some of the songs definitely have potential to be great. Until that time, we work with what we have and I give it my best shot.

If you feel I ever came across as a mr. KnowItAll I apologise as that’s not my intention. That would probably have to be attributed to my Dutch ways of giving feedback, we’re not very gentle or subtle about it :wink:. I won’t let my inexperience stop me from giving my opinion on other people’s mixes though. I feel it’s up to the one receiving the feedback to judge the value of my feedback. In the same vein, everyone is free to comment on my mixes, not just the experts.

With that out of the way, if anyone has anything constructive to say about the song that’d be most welcome :slight_smile:

The following appears on the main page of the Cubase forums
made with steinberg.JPG
It doesn’t say - “Hey, hear what my studio engineer has done for me”.


Great song and pretty good mix so far.
The only thing that I think is distracting is the bell-like sound throughout the song.
It takes up a lot of ‘sonic space’, if you know what I mean.
Maybe only use it during the chorus? Just a suggestion (what do I know?.. :wink: ).


Thanks Wim :slight_smile:
I know what you mean, but I actually really liked it’s full warm sound.
I’ll see if I can adjust it to be a little less intrusive for you :wink:

“Oops! Sorry, we can’t find that track.”


Oh, my bad, sorry.
This is a link to the version I originally posted:

With Neil’s and Wim’s feedback I did a new version:
(different kickdrum, different snaredrum, rolled off some high end from the ‘bell’ sound, strings in the first chorus instead of the bass and some minor mix adjustments)
The naming of the tracks on soundcloud is probably very confusing, sorry.
Go by upload date to see which is which, because the version numbers are useless :wink:

Yeah good.

At first I thought the drums were a tad over the vocal,
but as things developed all seemed to settle.

Glad your client is keeping you busy and comments have
you trying different approaches!

Everything we do is part of the learning curve. :wink:

I’m getting…‘can’t find that track’
never mind though, I’ll go to your page…

oh never mind…the other link works…

this is really good work. sounds just great to me… :slight_smile:

Thanks so much guys!

If anyone is interested, this is the ‘final’ version: