unclutter the mixer please

especialy the inserts, sends, built processors area… way too cluttered.
please please please

Don’t you like the, No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect No Effect and the
No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send No Send on hovering (or just moving) the mouse across the mixer? :laughing:

Neither do I :wink:

A big +1 from me.

or atleast if the mixer slots would respond faster, that would be a bit easier to work. instead of waiting for the slow strip opening visual effect after DOUBLE clicking. why not single click??

How about an alternative mixer?

Workaround is to hold down CTRL and click on insert FX than it responds faster as in C5.

I agree that the new c7/8 mixer is clumsy and hope that Steinberg will improve it especially this where in older versions
I could see which plugin I loaded from same manufacturer:

Zooming back and forth is struggle with this…

Whoa, you can actually tell what FabFilter plugin it is back in 5! :slight_smile:

I forgot it used to be like that. That was much more elegant. I’m always struggling to do anything involving opening and bypassing plugins, and it never used to be that way.

Struggling is very accurate word to describe working in Cubase 8’s mixer. And what’s even worse, cuz of that the result of music suffers!!!

please steinberg. have mercy on your faithful customers and supporters

Under Rack Settings:
Show Inserts as <Plug-in & Preset Names>
Select Plug-in Names, if you want to show the plug-in names only.
Select Plug-in & Preset Names, if you want to show the plug-in and the preset names.

These settings have been extended in C8Pro :wink:

Those settings doesn’t solve anything. In previous versions you can see which VST from same developer is loaded.

The 3 dots in between (look at my screenshot) are very handy when you have 2 or more plugins in rack from same developer or plugin family.

I am wonder why Steinberg dump that insert tittle display.

old mixer was more useful. bigger power button, no need to slow down and aim on the new c8 little power button, click once on ‘e’ and quickly plugin gui pops up unlike in c8 you click once on effect and theres longer delay before the gui comes up.

the old vst pop-up window was easier and faster to search for , in c8 even with the search function the whole list is slowing down the search and visibility for plugins.

and why so much graphics like lines, borders etc etc taking so much space and confusing the visibility??

Mixer is the only bad thing about Cubase 8 pretty much.

even thou the control room and meter section is very very nice

is there a way to make those little menus open fully ? instead of scrolling? like the strip channel, when you click on it it opens but not fully, and you have to move cursor on the scroll bar to move to the part of the strip you wanted and by the time i did this I forgot the other 3 tweaks I had to do for the song I’m working on because I had to concentrate on navigating around the mixer instead of focusing on the music

+1… lets have more customising options

Some really bad decisions have been made while developing mix console.
I consider all those blinking mouse over effects as totally senseless and distracting.
I expect to see values at the first sight, without moving the mouse pointer to a certain area, and I expect to be able to identify the used plugin.

Well…i hope that mixer will be redesign in near future.


what’s the worst for me is when clicking on ‘strip’ or ‘inserts’ etc and they’re not opening completly, so than i have to mouse over to the scroll bar to scroll down…

it’s way too many scroll bars and pull down menus.

navigating the mixer sometimes takes more effort than working on the actual music :frowning:

To extend completely/partially the selected column there’s an option on “racks” button

Massive +1. The mixer has a pretty bad UI. I would also extend this request to the inspector. It’s so cluttered and has redundant areas. Clean up, ditch the 3d look and go flat.