unclutter the mixer please

No, not flat, please. I can’t use Studio One because it’s absolutely flat and for me it looks blurred and all controls and working areas are difficult to distinguish.

I personally really love where steinberg has gone with the mixer since version 6 of cubase, however it would be great if we got full sceen option back again which was removed in v8 with the gui upgrades. also, if I could make a feature request… :smiley:

can we get a “thin channels” view? I know we have really thin channels already if we zoom the mixer out completely and I know we have the overview of the channels in our mixer but I’d really like to see an “alternative view” in the mixer with thinner channel overviews so you can fit way more on screen, for people working on film scores and intensive projects with lots of channels or anyone with large templates. (the channel rack controls make it impossible to zoom out beyond a certain point in the current view)

something like this


I know the cubase mixer is far more advanced in what it can do but sometimes a simplified view is helpful to getting things done, I think if we had the option to toggle between “thin channels view” and “regular mixer view” would be amazing :smiley:

just my 2 cents

I don’t really care if it has some of the skeuomorphic stuff I just can’t stand how cluttered and in efficient the UI is. The instrument inspector is mind numbing… why oh god why are the inserts and such hidden in a tab?!? Clean it up and simpilfy!

My mixer looks clean,got rid of all the stuff I don’t need or look at.