Uncomprehensible spacing anomaly

something happened here and I cannot find what or why?

Flows from Pentatonic chromatic exercices - Full score.zip (401 KB)

I’m on the road so I can’t look at the project, but surely there has to be a system break there.

Have you made sure that system break signposts are visible?

No System Breaks at all. Dorico tries to do its best but it really struggles with these very short flows. You’ll need to put System Breaks where you actually want them, and/or force Dorico to squeeze more onto the first system (particularly in the second exercise) using the “Make into System” button.

in the second flow there where hidden 2/4 time signatures at bar 2 and 3 that I finally could delete by selecting the relevant barline and hit delete

All is back to expected
thanks Dan, thanks Leo

ahhhh its still there in flow2
I found out that if you shift the Bb in beat 2 of measure 1 up to B nat the spacing anomaly collapses to what is expected.