Uncoupling dynamics in an arrangement

I’m arranging a large orchestral piece for a concert wind band.
I’m copying the individual string staffs onto target wind instruments before further work on the target wind instruments - say violin onto clarinets.
In the main I can eliminate the bowing arco, up bow and down bow notations when the music has been copied on to the target wind instruments, but sometimes the up bow or down bow notation sits behind a loudness dynamic and I’m having trouble selecting one from the other to delete.

Any suggestions on how to select the bowing marks whilst avoiding the dynamics eg mf which can sit above it.
I understand group and ungroup, and link and unlink functions from my PowerPoint IT knowledge but am having difficulty making them work here


having transcribed the staff from say violin to clarinet I’d like to change the loudness dynamics down say one degree. However when I do that the dynamics in the whole piece changes one level. How do I make sure that the dynamic change only applies to the staff that I’m working on?

Thank you
otherwise Dorico is brilliant!

Selection: if one object is behind another, hold down Shift and Alt (Opt) and click repeatedly on the target object. Dorico will cycle through the objects at that position.

Or select a passage and Filter Playing Techniques.

As for dynamics, you need to unlink the wind dynamics from the string dynamics; you can do that for a whole passage in one go. For the future, it may be worth turning off the option in Preferences > Note Input and Editing for dynamics to automatically be linked when pasting.

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Also you can hit the Tab key to cycle the selection between a note and other things attached to the same beat.

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Thank you - excellent tips - I’ll let you know how I get on

Those tips worked really well - thank you both