Under Windows 10 how can I install Dorico 5 in a custom directory?

*** Under Windows 10 how can I install Dorico 5 SE in a custom directory?
I don’t have enough space on C:\ and despite I set the Download Assistant (v1.35.0) to use another drive (and it correctly downloads it in that location); when the application is installed, there is no way to specify another path and it is installed in C:\Program Files
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, @algoritmarte. If you run the Dorico installer manually, rather than running it from Steinberg Download Assistant, you will be able to adjust the installation path. Look in your Downloads folder for the downloaded installers. You’ll need to uninstall Dorico again before you try reinstalling.

Ok, thanks!

Sorry if I bother you again: now I’m trying to install Halion Sonic 7.1.0 - Instrument launching the Setup.exe in the WIN64 folder,
The program is correctly stored in the location I typed, but the “Content\Halion\VST sounds” does not appear in the location I typed (different from the first one) and that stuff has been put in “C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound” (it ignored the location I typed).

Is there a way to move it to another location?

And then, how can I manually install the “Halion Sonic Selection” which doesn’t have a Setup.exe? (is it enough to put the .vstsound files in the VST sounds folder?

By the way I find highly discouranging the whole process of installing a Dorico 5 Demo: no way to place it where you want, and you end up with 9 different packages (which is a worrying sign that you are messing up your computer):

  • Activation Manager /
  • built-in ASIO drivers
  • Dorico 5
  • Download Assistant
  • Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver 64 bit
  • Halion Sonic 7
  • Install Assistant
  • Library Manager
  • Media Bay

Why (in 2024) don’t you use a simpler approach of putting EVERYTHING into a single folder with a subdirectory for each package and a single installation “Steinberg software manager” entry from which you can manage those packages?

Steinberg Library Manager handles that for you.

I only use two apps: Steinberg Download Assistant (to get stuff onto your machine) and Steinberg Library Manager (to move sound content around).

Activation Manager is only useful when installing on multiple machines and shuffling licences around.

ASIO Drivers? Find one that works with your hardware. Personally I use FlexASIO (which isn’t on your list)

I think you are trying to turn a molehill into a mountain.

Thank you! It worked (though it didn’t move al .vstsound files, so I manually moved some of them, adding a symbolic link to each one in the original location)!