Understanding condensing and edits mid-flow

Hello all,

I have a score with 18 flows, full orchestra, etc. . . . in other words, it’s big. Partly in order to learn how to work with condensing, I have already gone through the score and done a good deal of layout and condensing changes. Some time later, I’ve had to make some adjustments to the score, including adding some measures in the first flow. This will necessitate changes in the casting off of future pages in that flow.

My question: will a change like this in an early flow mean that I will have to go through the entire score one page at a time (500+ pages) and check to make sure that any condensing changes I’ve already made might now have shifted such that staves with notes might be hidden behind previous condensing changes across new page breaks, etc.?

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Condensing changes themselves will never (or at least should never!) result in staves being hidden and music going missing. You may well find that if the casting off has changed, you want to make tweaks to your existing condensing changes, because condensing is of course contextual, depending on which bars are present on each system and the musical content of those bars. You will definitely need to proof-read your project after changing the casting off, but you would need to do that anyway. (We can definitely add features to Dorico in future to help with proof-reading, of course.)

You should also carefully check any breaks with manual staff visibility changes: that’s a more likely way that you could end up with staves with music on hidden unexpectedly. (Though this will still only happen if you have explicitly told Dorico to do it.)

Thank you. This helps. I wasn’t entirely sure how much the condensing changes and hidden staves might be connected to the page vs. the system with respect to each flow.