Understanding Expression Map/Conditions

Apologies if it’s documented but I haven’t found it in the PDF, online or in searches. There was a bit of discussion in a live stream but I’m not following this feature which looks vital to my workflow.

In a livestream there seemed to be an indication that a condition is a way to modify a note length? A table was shown to help interpret what “Very Short, Short, …” means (anybody have a link to that chart?), but anyhow looking at the dialog my take on it is that this is a way to use an articulation, based on how long the duration is? But that can’t be right … I’m obviously mixed up

  • How does this feature work?
  • Any link to the chart mapping tempo to “Medium/etc” terms?
  • How do the “Any of” “All of” work in an example?
  • Does this actually change the note length, or is it a trigger whereby this switch is used?


This is from the Version History…: (always worth reading :slight_smile:)

Note length can be one of five values:
Very short: dotted 16th at 120bpm (0.1875 seconds)
Short: dotted eighth at 120bpm (0.375 seconds)
Medium: dotted quarter at 120bpm (0.75 seconds)
Long: dotted minim at 120bpm (1.5 seconds)
Very long: any longer duration

Sounding notes that meet these criteria will work as triggers, no notes (sounding or notated) will be changed.

they are articulation triggers as fratveno says, nothing more. It’s also worth noting that the durations are not (yet) user editable as yet so you may need to experiment a bit to find an appropriate set which obviously depends very much on the library you use.

Note durations are editable in the piano roll, I’m spending a lot of time doing that. I’m guessing you mean the durations for the “Medium” etc tags. Do those need to be editable? I mean as long as it covers the range of possibilities we can just use them as appropriate with no need to change.

Otherwise thanks guys, that makes a lot of sense now. Not quite something I need however which is the ability to have different note durations in different contexts. To get some good output my experiments are showing that I’m spending all my time tweaking note duration and CC1.

Because the fixed boundaries between the five possible lengths tend to bunch up a bit towards the short side --at any rate for my music I’ve used it on – I can assure you that I would make some adjustments to the scaling. With VSL libraries, I often use all five lengths so there is no room for manoeuvre. The system is already decent, imo, but I’m sure we will see it being further refined which could include things like custom user sets for different contexts, exactly as you suggest. That’s also on my wishlist.

Ah that clears it up, thanks. Yeah I’m sure I’ll be wanting that soon too.