Understanding inputs (newbie stuff)

I recently treated myself to Cubase 7 and a Zoom R16 to act as an interface. I want to record guitar and microphone and although these are mono I have discovered that I need to set up a stereo track rather than mono in order to actually be able to record them. However the recordings are only on the left channel.

How can I get them to appear in the middle (at least to start with)? The pan controls are centred. I have had a good look at the manual but it’s not obvious which section I need to look at and haven’t had time to read all 900 pages yet.

If anyone can help, or at least point me in the right direction not only will I be grateful, I guarantee to come back and let you know how I got on.

It should work out of the box. Did you route the right inputs to the audio tracks in the Inspector?

Here’s an animation of the VST Connections. Did you do connect the right ports?

The first questions is, how many channels does the Zoom R16 present to the computer … make sure you have the ASIO driver for the device installed and selected within Cubase. A quick glance at the manufacturer’s web page tells me it’s got 8 inputs, so you should be able to set these up as individual inputs, and even name them.

Basically, create a mono input in VST Connections for each thing you want to appear on a separate track, and in doing so you’ll be able to select which of the actual audio interface’s channels you want to route to that VST input.

It helps sometimes to think of all interface channels as mono … i.e., a stereo channel is just a pair of mono channels, that happens to conveniently correlate to an actual physical stereo input on the device. Once they get into the computer though, they can easily be separated and routed as desired.

Thanks to both of you for the info, I’ve now got the inputs sorted out.

Funny thing though, I recorded an audio track, and it played back properly, then I recorded another audio track in exactly the same way, and although there’s clearly a waveform there, I can’t here it. I’ve tried everything I can think of, all the settings appear to be identical to the first audio track and yet no audible output, and the meter for that track in the mixer isn’t showing any output despite the fact that there is a waveform in the arrange window.

Does this sort of thing happen a lot in Cubase, or is it me, or is it my equipment, or is it bad luck :slight_smile:

Possibly :laughing:

Check the output of the silent track in the inspector.

Turning off the monitor button cured the problem, thanks

Now I’ve lost the click track. Didn’t make any changes, it just stop working. This is fun.