Understanding iPad Storage

I’m hoping to understand how dorico project files are handled on the iPad. I see in the Files app, there is a Dorico folder… but even after I deleted all the files from there, the ‘Recent’ tab in dorico still shows the files… albeit with “.trash” in the path… so to truly clean things up, seems I have to delete from within Dorico as well? I’m sure if I as using iCloud more, I’d not need to worry about that, but for now, I just want to understand what’s going on so I make sure to properly archive my stuff to my offline storage, and keep things tidy on my iPad.

When a project is deleted, either via the Hub in Dorico itself or via the Files app, from the Dorico folder in On My iPad in the Files app, it isn’t removed right away: instead it is stashed away in a hidden “Trash” folder, and iPadOS eventually removes it altogether (this is how you can recover recently deleted files in the Files app).

However, those recently-deleted files shouldn’t show up in the Recent Projects list in the Hub, and we’ll make sure these are correctly hidden in future updates.