understanding key commands

I bought a small keypad to use for the functions i most often employ in Wavelab 8.5.

I don’t understand the key commands as displayed in the transport bar. For instance if I hover over “record” in the pop up there is a letter K with an arrow to the right of the “K” key pointing up and then the + key.

How do I perform this on a keyboard?

I think the picture of the K key with the arrow is just a symbol for “shortcut key”. They’ve gotten rid of that picture in Wavelab 9.

The shortcut for Record is * (asterisk)

Which should be good on your keypad numberpad.

Also, if you right-click in an open area of the transport bar, you’ll get a menu with a selection at the bottom called “Edit Shortcuts”, which lists all the shortcuts and allows you to change them.


Thanks very much for that. I still haven’t figured out how to save my default master section preset. I can save it using " define shortcut for the current preset" but when I close and re open Wavelab the shortcut is gone.

It works ok in 8.5.30 here. Are you using 8.5.30? If I select “define shortcut for the current preset” it prompts me to save the current settings as a named preset if it’s not already named and saved. So I name and save the preset, then it gives me the dialog to define the shortcut, which I do. Then if I select the presets menu at the very bottom of the master section, my named preset and it’s shortcut appears at the bottom of the menu. If I close and reopen Wavelab it’s still there and still works from the shortcut key I’ve defined.

I had to delete my preferences. That did it for me.

had tried loading some things from my previous version of Wavelab and that was the problem.

I still can’t find a way to program a command for presets/save in the master section pop up to update a current preset.