Understanding pitch contour - Dorico 5

Would it be possible to explain in a little more detail how a user might influence the pitch contour feature one way or the other, if at all?

It seems that right now the pitch contour is more responsive to dynamics, unless I’m misunderstanding it. I’m specifically very interested in using pitch contour for leading tones, especially for strings. According to Version History, the parameters involved are pitch itself, timing and duration. Am I able to influence pitch contour by nudging timing and lengthening/shortening the duration? Additionally, what parameter does the “scale” function of pitch contour affect - the pitch itself or the combination of everything?

Many thanks!

To simplify quite a lot, it slightly emphasises upwards-moving melodies, and it considers very short notes and very low notes as being less important in calculating the melodic direction than other notes. It doesn’t consider tonality at all, as it’s designed to be able to work on atonal material too. The emphasis affects Dorico’s playback in the same way as other sorts of accent, e.g. beat stress, accents from articulations, so the effect will be cumulative with any written dynamics in the score.

The “Scale” parameter just allows you to turn up or down the effect, so if you set it to “50%” then it will have half as much an effect on the dynamics.


Ah, this is what I somehow missed.
Look forward to trying this out. Thank you!