Understanding printing "Page Arrangements"

I’m figuring out printing on a scale workbook consisting of four pages of scales. Printing to 12x18 folded in half to 9x12 Part style.

Page arrangements for printing/exporting


Prints two pages on each sheet of paper. The first page in the range is printed on the left-hand side of the first sheet of paper. This can be useful for printing instrument parts as it reduces the number of edges that must be bound, because pages can also be folded in half.

Here it is printed front/back double sided on one sheet of paper, consisting of four sheets of the part

This is what I want, except it puts the fold on the right hand side, not left hand. The Mac print dialog has a ‘print order’ option which deals with this but going that route has other issues (scaling is wrong). How is this supposed to work to get the fold on the left hand side, while just using one sheet double sided printing?

Prints two pages on each sheet of paper, with odd-numbered pages on the right-hand side and even-numbered pages on the left-hand side.

This leaves blank pages and I don’t see how it can work otherwise for sequentially numbered pages

The Booklet option should give you page 4 and page 1 on one side of the paper, and page 2 and page 3 on the other side of the same sheet of paper.

Is that what you want? I went quiet on the previous thread because I couldn’t quite figure out what you want - it might be clearer to demonstrate with an example that e.g. uses sequential flow numbers or bar numbers or something.

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No problem Leo, I started the new thread to add a lot of graphics and try to make it clearer. Here try this - this is what I want (via the system print dialog which you can see scaled it wrong), but I added page numbers

This is the closest I can get, which is with 2-up

I think it’s meant as a part for continuous music where you minimize page turns. Lay out out sheet 1 first in a 18" wide two pages of music, then page turn to flip to the back page. But in a workbook like my example the first example, with reversed page order seems to make more sense as then it’s like a booklet. Because with a work book you don’t have any page turns to minimize, but you see it as a booklet.

Unfortunately I don’t think I can fix this with a PDF utility, and as I say the system print system in mac screws it up otherwise.

Not a huge issue but note to Daniel that a useful addition would be a ‘reverse page order’ with the 2-up.

I think maybe I’m being really dense today.

If you print 2-1 on one side (in that order) and 4-3 on the other side, as in your macOS system dialog, then fold in the middle, you get
1 turn 4 3 turn 2 (assuming a left fold).

I can’t get my head around why you’d want that. What am I missing?

Ah, hold on, I think my system printing above got messed up, that darn dialog does weird things. Let me see if I can find a way to clear this up …

(This isn’t massively relevant but that link to the docs is for v1 - the v3.5 version is here. I did a bunch of work not that long ago to improve the content and distribution of print-related information in the Print mode chapter.)