understanding vst connect file handling and lossless.

hi folks,

i haven’t used vst connect yet but had a request from a client to try it. i have cubase pro 8.5.

i am having a hard time finding confirmation on a few things. with the SE version, i understand that the live session runs with lossy compressed audio files, but is the remote setup also recording lossless files locally that can be synced after the session? if so, how does that work? is it seamless, and if you make any edits, comps between takes etc during the session on the lossy files, will those edits remain when the lossy files are replaced with the lossless? i understand that the PRO version will also run lossless live during the session if wanted.



With the SE version, the compressed Performer audio stream is recorded on the Studio side. No files are recorded on the Performer end.
With the PRO version, up to 16 channels of audio are recorded on the Performer’s computer, which can be obtained by “Get HD files” on the Studio computer. Depending on which Performer channels were armed, the resulting stereo mix and single channel files will be transferred, for the stereo mix the according takes are replaced so that comps and edits are preserverd. For additional channels, a group folder and channel are created and the uncompressed files inserted automatically.
Furthermore, only the PRO version features realtime lossless transmission, so if you want to record mono or stereo only, and your connection and bandwidth are sufficient, you can record directly losslessly. In any case, you can punch in and out and your edits are preserved.

hi musicullum, thanks for the info. so with SE there is definitively no way to have lossless audio files of the artists performance?

no way, sorry.

ok cheers. looks like i’ll have to try the pro version then.