Understanding Write Mode and Layout Mode

I am working on a score of an concerto for piano and strings. The score looks very fine, now I am layouting the instruments. Is this correct: editing some detail in write mode will change the things at once in full score and instrumental part? And this: editing some detail in layout mode will change things only in the layout I am working on? I think, this is correct.

In the attachement you can see a single bar of the score. I have tweaked the second voice of the piano right hand in the full score, so that the notes e flat will overlap (hiding the accidential, moving the note in the second voice in write mode, note spacing). Obviously I have to do the same tweak in the instrumental part - is this really correct? So all changes in layout mode I have to do twice, in full score and in instrumental part. I can’t believe that there is no easier solution! My opinion is that full score and instrumental parts are not enough linked together, and i am hoping that there are plans to enrich the possibilities.

I think you want the general override available in Notation Options > Voices pull-down.

Thank you, but this is not the point …

I wrote an almost identical post around roughly the same time you did. Something tells me it may not have been the case in previous versions. I hope someone. With two posts on the subject, someone is bound to respond soon.

Actually I think Derrek is absolutely right in this instance: you can often avoid laborious manual processes if you use the automatic features that Dorico provides to assist you.

The general point is, of course, valid, and I will merely say the same thing for the third time.

I do plead guilty for duplicating my thread from the side comments of the time signature thread. I wanted to speak of it at greater length, and also isolate the subject. But Umahnken and I posted these two threads at the same time, independently from one another. It is simply a coincidence that they were on an identical subject. We, as always, thank for your patience!

Sorry Daniel, but the search function of the forum software is not very good. And as long as there is no really detailed manual available it is very difficult to understand how Dorico works. Even more difficult for no native english speakers :wink: