I am a bit disappointed with the sound quality. I was hoping for more from the new brass engine…still doesn’t compare to the brass sounds I get from my moxf unfortunately.

Nothing has really blown me away.

Yep, some of the presets wouldn’t be out of place on a cheesy early 90s keyboard.

Halion 6 is a sampler and i mainly use it to create my own sounds. Actually 60% of all build in sounds are quite unusefull because of wrong panning etc and the sound fluctuates or is just wrong. That is a matter of opinion i understand, but creating your own sounds is much more fun and you can do it so it fits the music or mix well. The same is with Groove Agent, a perfect tool for drums, but presets or sounds build in are good sound good alone, often in the mix they are bad. So i create again my own.

Actually Brass sounds from my Old Korg M1 or Wavestation sound more straight forward. And if you have a collection of samples, mostly creating something inside halion 6 is a good thing. Straight sound that do not fluctuate and swirl, a better to mix and get good then samples where the fluct/panning is build in. I use synths or sound and resample them into Halion. And Halion 6 is a real beast it works well and surpasses Kontakt 5. While kontakt 5 was a long time the best… Halion and Groove Agent are now the only tools i use. I Sample all stuff into them…