Undo action pushes staff above higher and higher

Has anybody else notice problems when trying to undo actions? Reherseal marks and metronome numbers don’t play well when sitting next to each other. It pushes the above staff up very high and using Undo pushes it higher and higher instead of undoing that unwanted staff movement. The only way to get out of this seems to be to delete the metronome and enter it again.

I’ve found that undo quite often doesn’t get you back to where you were. Dorico is the only app I’ve ever known to do that.

Alas I have had similar problems as you both describe here.

I don’t have a solution, but in answer to Andre’s original question, yes. Do remember to search, please:

These are from 2016, so maybe this problem isn’t in their focus at the moment?

These will almost certainly be different problems. Dorico’s collision avoidance system is a complex beast and it’s very difficult to avoid all possible bugs as we continue to develop the software. Andre, if you have a project that reproduces the problem reliably, please cut it down to the smallest chunk that still reproduces the problem (delete bars, flows, players, etc.) and then attach it here, and we’ll look into it. We would appreciate you taking the time to give us a good bug report, as then we can find and fix the problem more efficiently. Thank you!

Hi Daniel. Here is a part where this problem happens. At rehearsal number 30 (bar 164) there is a metronome number. Select it in Engrave mode and give it 2 right arrow nudges. The result is as in the screenshot. Using Undo on this will push the staff above higher and higher. I attached the part with this post. Thanks!

Thanks for attaching this, André. I’m happy to say that in our development builds, this problem is now fixed.

That’s great news, Daniel. Happy to help.