Undo and Revert to saved... issues

“Revert to saved…” seems to always be greyed out.
For example if I open a wave-file, create a selection within and then remove the selection,
shouldn’t “Revert to saved…” become active ?
I think it worked this way before ?

In regards to the Undo/Redo function:
I noticed in above example, that if I undo the removal of the selection,
the Edit functions for the selection like Cut, Copy, and also Trim, Remove, Fast Mute
are unavailable (greyed out) after the Undo.


In all cases, this is a bug, WaveLab forgetting to update these menu entries. There is a simple work around, though. Switch to another document, then back to the edited document. All menu items will be up to date then.

Thanks for the workaround.

Maybe this is also related to the bug you mentioned above…

If I load a wave-file, and say define a loop within it,
the audio regions won’t be updated immediately, even if I select the wave-file in the
file browser.

I first have to select another file or select another folder first, then back to the original folder/file
before the loop will appear in the audio regions section inside the file browser.

If it’s NOT related to this bug, it maybe would make sense, to be able to refresh the
file browser view via a button or a shortcut.

Not sure what is the problem you describe.
If you set a loop in WaveLab, it will appear in the file browser only after you save the changes. The file browser reads the file from disk, hence the changes need to be saved. Moreover, WaveLab does not periodically check for file changes in the file browser (that would be cpu consuming), hence if you want to be sure to see changes, re-select the file in the file browser (after selection another one).