"undo" bounce selection

Sorry if this is Cubase 101 but I need pointing in the right direction -

I recorded some vocal tracks, created a composite using pieces of different takes from my lanes then bounced this into a single track. I realized I shouldn’t have bounced it after working on the project for a few days. I can’t figure out how to “undo” this. I’m still in the learning stages of Cubase. Do I use the audio pool to retrieve the individual vocal takes to start over? If so how do I do that? Thanks ahead of time…

There’s no direct way to ‘unbounce’.

A good method to keep the original events in the project, just in case, is to duplicate the comping to a new track version before bouncing.

If you have saved versions of your project (Ctr + Alt + S) or have automatic backup files, try to find one with an unbounced and reimport it into the current project. This is easy with track archives or the merging projects function.