UNDO bug?

UNDO in Cubasis 2.3.1 on my iPad Air with iOS 11.2.5 seems to randomly DELETE audio tracks.

I’ve had this happen twice now, where after an UNDO, sections of audio tracks would be missing, replaced by a stubby header like a place holder. Just a little piece of the audio track with same color, title but no sound. I thought the files could be pulled back out, but they don’t extend.

THIS IS BAD. I LOST TWO SESSIONS BEFORE I REALIZED WHAT WAS GOING ON. I thought I must’ve accidentally selected the part and deleted it, but those stubs don’t make sense. I’ve never had FATAL file destruction with Cubasis before, so it’s a little scary. In another first, the app crashed when I stopped the recording, leaving no trace of the session.

Could it be the CPU load? With this current project, it hovers around 40% and peaking up to 80%(+). It’s been very robust and reliable, which is why I don’t come here often. I didn’t see any posts on what i’ve described. Anyone else? Thanks.

Hello I have problem to install the cubase le because I did it once in a PC which couldn’t use it, I unintalled it and I tried in an other device. For this reason I got by email a new key that was ok. The problem now is that I need to install it for third time in a differeny device, but i can’t, because the key doesn’t work anymore.
Please help me!!!

Hi kanegon,

Thanks for your message.

Do you have the steps for us to reproduce the problem, in order to evaluate the issue?


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Thanks Lars, I’m trying to sort it out. I’ve noticed more stability with my iPad Pro than the older iPad Air, and I haven’t been able to duplicate the problem with the newer iPad. The UNDO always hits ya when you’re most frantic and its least convenient and I’m absolutely sure about the audio files turning into audio-less stubs, it’s happened twice. Not sure why the audio disappears leaving just short space holders without sound, but I was too eager to move on and just started over without saving the evidence. The older iPad Air seems to struggle more with simultaneous recordings of two MIDI and single stereo audio track – more pops and noises, the messy UNDO and at least one destructive crash. Using MidiGuitar App, couple of Microlog voices and stereo guitar into single stereo track via iConnectivity Audio4.

Hi Lars, it’s been a month but I was finally able to capture the UNDO issue. This time, it happened on my iPad Pro, rather than iPad Air2. If you use UNDO often (like I do when recording multiple takes with the guitar), the UNDO malfunction will cause the audio files to shrink in duration and amplitude. The audio clips get mangled and cannot be retrieved and undoing further won’t recover shrunken, lower volume audio. At first, I thought they were compressed in the timeline, but I could not stretch them back out. Shock.

The attached screen grab shows what the audio clips morphed into after the UNDO glitch. When it happens, it’s too late. You can’t undo the undo bug. In terms of reproducing the problem, it just seems to happen randomly. My work around has been to avoid using UNDO (erase instead) and back up the project in dropbox. So although it’s not scrambling MIDI and NAMES like it used to, this is a serious problem for me. Constantly backing up to DropBox is no fun.

Hi kanegon,

Thanks for the update.

Please note that an exact step description is required in order to let our engineers evaluate the issue.

Some further thoughts:

  • Please check if the original audio files can be found in the trash folder.
  • Additionally, you can give it a try to check the Audio/Backup folder via Files app.
  • Cubasis’ snapshot function allows to save projects in specific state, might be helpful/quicker as DropBox here.

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Thank you for your advice. I will check the other locations next time it happens, but as I said, it seems to occur randomly when there are alot of tracks (1 audio, 3 x MIDI) being recorded and UNDONE at the same time. That said, it’s neither persistent nor frequent. The STUB PHENOMENA is real, so I’m a little surprised no one else has experienced it. Thanks again.