Undo can still mess up track names

Last night after doing quite a lot of edits, mainly adding midi and audio tracks, when i did undo twice with nothing in between, the track names got mixed up, as used to happen before the update.

I have not got full repro steps as I had done a lot of work. What I can tell you is the names got messed up after the second of the 2 undo steps I performed. The first undo was a transpose done in the midi edit window. The second undo was a track rename.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your message.

The fix for CB-2080 released with 1.9.5 addresses the issue stated in this topic:

Reading your message, it seems that other operations can still lead to problems in that area.

We’ll try to reproduce the problem and evaluate a fix.


I can confirm that the track names, color and voice assignment can all still go haywire if UNDO is performed on any but the bottom most track, even with the 1.9 update. Love the new sampled drums, but still gotta live with this old issue. Unfortunately, the only workaround is to avoid custom names and UNDO as much as possible. Whatever you do, don’t add tracks with custom name and setting in between existent tracks, and then delete it! That’ll pull up the tracks beneath it with random info from adjacent tracks, including voice assignments and fx.