Undo condensing in certain bars (pages), keeping the rest

Can you disable condensing in a few staves? Most of the time works well, but when the instrument have very different voices and Dorico decides to condense things it looks weird. I could solve it uncondensing these particular measures (or the page) and keep the rest condensed. I don’t know if there is an option for that and, if so, I don’t know how to do it.
For instance:
Or in this case, the dynamics seems to be attached to the upper stave (when they are not):

In Engrave mode, you can add a Condensing Change anywhere. But, the number of staves can only change at a System boundary.

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Ok, this seems to work a bit weird, as If I do a condensing change, the change is visible in the next page, and not in the page where I placed it (which actually was the behavior I was expecting, knowing how condensing works in Dorico). However, I can work it out. Thank you very much!

PS. It is surprising to me that, in this window, condensing is much more flexible and easy. Or may it be because it was improved in v5?