Undo does not undo Quantize with Duplets

Undo does not undo Quantize with Duplets.

Trying to get rhythms quantized on a 6:4 grid in 4/4 time to see something like the viola part shown here. Trial and error to pick the correct quantization settings, whatever I picked was wrong, so naturally I press Cmd-Z to undo and try a different setting, only the wrong quantization won’t undo.

Vc1 is the MIDI recorded part I wanted to quantize.
Viola is what I just keyed it to show how I intended for it to look.

Consider that the History includes also selections states, so maybe you need to undo more that you think.

If you can share the part of the project it would be helpful to help.

If Edit>Requantize… does not work, (it might well fix it if you choose different quantization units)

it is quite easy to transform what you have, into what you want.

  1. Engage insert (I)
  2. ctrl-click select each tuplet bracket. Delete them all.
  3. Select all notes in bars 1+2. 6 (convert them to crotchets). Alt-left (assuming a quaver grid length, to realign).
  4. Reselect your two bars inc the 1st rest, then ;6:4q (to convert to tuplets).
  5. Select the residual rest in bar 3. 5 (to convert it back to a quaver)
  6. Disengage insert.

Job done.

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