Undo doesn't work in Dorico 3. HELP!

Undo does not work in Dorico 3 in my System.
Am i doing something wrong?

Please help!

Best Regards


Under what conditions are you using Undo?
What do you expect to happen?
What happens instead?

That will give us the information we need to think about your difficulty.

Given that typically undo does work in Dorico 3, we’re very definitely going to need a lot more information.
What have you just done that you’re trying to undo?
Does it work ever or not at all?
Do you have any dialogs open?
What mode of Dorico are you in?
Is it specific to one project?
Are you using Edit > Undo or Cmd/Ctrl+Z?
Is it a mac or a PC?

It looks as though the language of the keyboard is not updated as it should. I had the same problem the first time I opened Dorico 3 : the keys I use for rhythmic value were not working. I went into Preferences>keyshortcuts editor and chose my keyboard language. Restarted Dorico and everything went well. Maybe there’s something that could be made when updating from Dorico 2 to avoid this kind of setting.

My understanding is that various preferences can’t be copied over from Dorico 2 until Dorico 3 has run once. You might try just closing Dorico 3 and reopening it.

Indeed that happened to me too, and I got my shortcuts back. In keyboards like French, which is AZERTY, the undo shortcut will certainly change.
If that’s the case, you should be able to undo via the Edit menu anyway.

Ok Thanks. I used a default that was created in Dorico 2. After restarting the whole system it works now!