Undo doesn't work on new sampler tracks

After a terrible start, the C11 experience just keeps on giving.


  1. Create a sampler track
  2. Drag some content to it and tweak something
  3. Undo your tweak

Result: Creating of sampler track is what gets undone and all tweaks after that are lost.


This was the same in Cubase 10.5. It’s a known workflow issue.

Just noticed this. Almost can’t believe it. They give us amazing features like pitch env with sync, but then don’t give us the ability to undo. Makes me nervous about changing out a sample…kind of defeats the point.
Specially because when you change a sample, all the settings disappear…so you lose your sound entirely.
How did anyone sign off on this? This company makes such incredibly deep products, with glaring issues and then sends them right out the door.


in 11 there is a parameter lock option so you can change the sample and keep the parameters but sampler needs undo for sure.

Ahh, thanks for that. That is a start at least. Does the parameter lock function just work for the sampler? Will look into this.

You are welcome :slight_smile:
As far as I know yes.