undo edits by escaping from editor

I’m sure Cubase 3 used to do this: edit all you like, experiment and go wild, secure in the knowledge that, instead of “enter” to leave editors (to save edits), “escape” would revert to the stage before that editor was opened. My workflow is now hindered by having to Cntrl Z multiple times, or to go sort through the history.

Track Versions can help with this.

I do remember this feature, and I used it. But I can’t say that I would like to see it again. imo, there are good ways to get the same result, one you mentioned, another being File>Revert.

If this feature was implemented I would definitely want an “are you sure?” challenge. It’s way too easy to hit Escape inadvertently and you might lose some valuable work should you do so.

All good points! Taken on board…