Undo Fader Changes

Simply put, I should be able to undo changes I make to the fader in the MixConsole


Cubase has a mixer undo / redo. You just have to make sure you have mix console history turned on in the mixer settings.
Mixer Undo - Redo.JPG

You just made my day! That was something that just never jumped out at me. After reading your reply I searched and found a MixConsole History video and now I’m ALL GOOD!

Thanks for providing this info!!!

You’re welcome.

unfortunately it is not reliable in 9.5.


That’s good to know. Hopefully Steinberg will issue a bug fix update in the near future.

Oh wow, thanks for that tip! Seems like a really illogical way to do it, to have different undo hot keys for different sections of cubase? Hmmmm… but yea very helpful thank you so much!