Undo Filters

Would it be possible to have some kind of filter on ‘undo’.
For example, ‘exclude selection’.
If I add, say, a tempo mark, I’d like the undo to remove the tempo mark, not my twenty dodgy selection mistakes. :slight_smile:

You should read https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=106488&p=584161&hilit=dorico+undo#p584161
as Daniel already responded to that.

Thanks Marc, that thread didn’t come up in my search.
Dorico’s behaviour here seems well over the top.
Dealing with selection screw-ups is my job as it moves forwards (it’s already reset itself when I screwed up).
I need ‘undo’ to take care of backwards problems.

IMO ‘undo’ should be a quick fix to a quick visible stuff up.

[wow… the forum changes ‘c*ck’ up to ‘rock’… :laughing: ]

Sibelius has always worked this same way. And now Dorico even saves tool selection as an undoable action. It’s mostly not sensible because it is different from all other software. But it can be slightly useful when you know to expect it. When I want to undo more than the last thing in Sibelius, I just go to the Undo stack to pick a point to go back to rather than individual Undos. Even after 16 years it doesn’t feel natural.

It might be nice if it were a bit more intelligent; for example, if you select a bar and deselect repeatedly, there is no use whatsoever to save all those steps to the Undo stack. But of course if they’re going to refine it, they have to develop rules by which it should operate, which would be quite a lot of work in this case. This team really values logical and consistent over least-surprise and intuitive.

The selection/undo model is similar to that of photoshop. The benefit comes when you spend a while building up multiple selections and then accidentally click in the wrong place and the selection gets reset. If selections aren’t part of the Undo model then you have to start all over again.

As has been discussed elsewhere in this forum, ‘intuitive’ depends on which software products you are used to.

If there is any goal towards ‘intuitive’, surely it should be that a musician finds it so, rather than a user of software?
I understand multiple non-contiguous selection in Photoshop, but in decades of use of notation software I’ve never been bitten by this, whereas Dorico is biting me by not distinguishing between material changes to the score and selection.
Maybe the way it works is best for most people, which is why I asked as a (long-term) feature request to maybe have a ‘filter’ on undo/redo.

Late comer to this thread, but I agree with steveparker on this. Undo is very unintuitive in its current form.

Thumbs up on the current undo behavior being about 90% annoying and 10% helpful. Several times a day I find myself hitting CTRL-Z 12 times where intuitively I would only expect one. An option that toggles between current behavior and an undo stack that only tracks actual modifications would be very welcome.