Undo history: Bug or feature?

Hi, thank you for 1.0.10, great! There’s one thing, though, that I thought would go away by itself but it didn’t, so now I ask:

I enter a fourth note, and then another one. My third note should maybe be an 8th so I press 5. No, maybe a 4th, so I press 6. No, 8th, so I press 5. I enter the note. I find out that no, I’ll start over, so I press Ctrl-z 3 times. Only the last note disappear. Why?

In my head it’s a bug that you put tool changes in the undo history. If I want to undo something it’ll be a change that I’ve done in my document, I don’t see the value of undoing a change that only affects the UI.

There may be reasons for this behaviour that I don’t see, but I’d like to have the option to only store document changes in the undo history. Can I?

While I would definitely call this a feature rather than a bug, I agree that the usefulness of making selections part of the undo history is debatable. This is the way Sibelius and certain other applications work, while Finale, on the other hand, does not, so those of us coming from that application many find it annoying having to go through an entire series of selections to get to what we really want to change.

There are times where I can appreciate the application keeping track of all my selections, and I’m not sure it would make sense for Dorico to abandon this feature entirely. I would, however, appreciate the ability to skip them in the undo/redo process, through; perhaps with a modifier key or a global preferences option.

It’s certainly not a bug that Dorico maintains selection changes in the undo history (and it can be very useful if you are e.g. making a complex selection with Ctrl+click and then inadvertently make a wrong selection at the last moment, which causes you to lose all of the previous selected items: you can simply use Ctrl+Z to go back one step and all of your work is preserved).

Applications like Photoshop separate selections and actions and provide separate undo/redo commands that step through these lists somewhat independently. This is hard for us to achieve with Dorico because the action is inherently tied up in the selection. I’m not saying that we will never change this, but it’s certainly not a high priority at this early stage in Dorico’s development when broadening its feature set is our top priority.

But Earplane is talking about tool selection, not music selection.
That does seem like it might not a useful thing to put in the Undo stack.

Unfortunately they’re one and the same thing.

Wanted to revive this thread and highlight that in terms of editing experience, the fact that I sometimes have to hit CTRL-Z 10 or 20 times to undo just my last two edits is a daily annoyance and really contrasts with how beautifully thought out the rest of Dorico’s editing experience is. Please consider giving this higher priority.

I would gladly give away remembering my selections and use a undo/redo stack containing only the actual changes to the document.

As the thread is bumped, I’ll bump myself too…
This is number one on my list of things that kill workflow. I constantly just delete things and do them again, because undo (after looking around the score) hasn’t actually undone anything after hitting it 20 times.
I’d love undo to just undo stuff.
I can see how a ‘rewind through selection’ command could also be useful, but maybe once a day rather than every five minutes for undo.

By the way, as a possible 80/20 fix - For me at least (let me know if anyone else agrees!), most of the unnecessary CTRL-Z clicks seem to be replaying arrow key movements (either caret, in note entry mode, or the current item changing with the arrow keys).
I might be missing something, but I really don’t see how undoing cursor movements that don’t involve selections can be helpful to anyone. If only these could be removed from the undo history, while keeping selection and other substantial changes, that would already be a big step forward.

I do agree that it would be better. I’d be happy with commands to filter Undo, by cursor movements and selection.

I actually do find it handy from time to time that everything is in the undo history.

But are there /or planned/ undo and redo lists? That would be fantastically useful.

From just two days ago: this thread.

Oops. How could I not see that in the search results?