Undo history for Lyrics

Hi! It seems, undo history is not created for changes in Lyrics track.
E.g.: Doing an event adjusting for an audio, then doing some edit on lyrics content…

pressing UNDO is undoing event adjusting, instead of lastly happened lyrics content change.

It actually is created and it works, but only if you use Song/Undo Tracks.
Of course Edit/Undo should link to that, we’ll check, thanks.

Hi @musicullum ,

thank you and sorry for delayed reply (practicing a lot). I’ve tested out and you are right:

That function does the job (SONG / Undo Tracks…) to undo changes in Lyrics track.

I would never ever clicking anithing called “Undo Tracks…” to UNDO anything else then something regarding did something with tracks :sweat_smile:

As most of us… I’m just clicking “CMD/Ctrl+Z” for anyghing I want to undo from the age of my fathers Atari with Cubase.

Personally belive this naming (maybe placement also) is a little bit confusing, at least for me . For sure I absolutely accept and understand if that is important from an other point of concept/developer-side.


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As said it’s a bug that Edit/Undo is not mapped to “Undo Tracks” when the tracks view is active.
The problem is that there are essentially two active projects, the VST Live setlist, and the Song Tracks project. But you are right to expect that Undo etc should work on the currently active view.

Yes, sorry! I didn’t wanted to be pushy, just had time today only try out what your replyed me to find corresponding undo in /Song/ dropdown-section :slight_smile:

It’s absolutely right that there are two things running paralell (project file and songs). And as they are so, It can also be a design concept also keep them separated. Althoug considering fine-tune /Song/Undo tracks “naming” for better understanding can help us, users any time.

Thank you for your reply,
looking fw to future updates :slight_smile: