Undo History

Hi All,
Just inquiring about a scenario.
Say you’ve been recording and editing in a project and you realize you had accidentally deleted a track a while back.
If you go to the “undo history” and navigate to the point to retrieve it, does it reset everything up to that point and do you lose all the work you did after the fact? Is there a way to get the track back and keep all the work you did?

Thanks for your thoughts!



Save your project. Go back in the history, where you had the track still available. Save the project as other version. Go forward in the history to the last change (current time). Import from Project from the “other version” project.

Thanks for the hit!
So, “undo history” will allow you to retrieve what you’ve lost but at the expense of minor reconstruction.
The way I understand you is to save your song “before” you go back in history, so you will retain all your elements, then go back and retrieve the lost track and save that scenario under a different name, then go back forward to the present and import the lost segment from the project with the different name. Is that correct? It’s a process but at least it will work.
I wonder which would be more involved, this process or recreating another track and inserting the audio to the point of origin from the pool.
I guess a midi track would be another story.



Undo and Redo works with the very same logic as in all other application. You can go backwards and forwards in the time, but you can’t change the past and influence the presence.

Therefore I suggest to save the state in the past to other project (instance) then go to the presence and import the past state from the other project.

Hmmm. You can’t change the past and influence the present? I’m working on that … not only in Cubase but in life. :slight_smile: