For years I’ve been using undo/redo hot keys to quickly compare quick ‘render in place’ changes or many other applications.

Since ver 9, Redo never seems to work. I undo out of habit and then I have to re-render to redo. There’s no longer an option under an Edit menu to select redo. The history window always seems greyed out when I need to use it. This is such a simple standard feature that I’m baffled by the changes.

Is there an obvious workflow that I’m missing? Why is the history menu always greyed out? Is there a way to revert to the old setup where I can quickly undo/redo with hotkeys?


Nothing has changed, and everything is working here.
Are you speaking about the wave editor or the montage editor?


In the file editor and montage I seem to have issues.

Where do I find the redo option in the menus? It used to be under ‘Edit’

How do I access history when it’s greyed out? Like right now, I’m editing a single file, I apply an eq on a little short section, I undo but can’t redo and history is greyed out.


There has never been an history window in the wave editor.
The menu is enabled, however, when you edit a montage window.

Thanks for the tip