Undo in the mixer?

No there is not an undo feature on the mix console.

As for the ‘multitude’ of complaints… every single time there is a Cubase update, there is a multitude of largely pointless moaning. C8 is probably the best .0 version I can remember. Seems rock solid to me. Complainers will always find something to complain about.

Aloha and +1 (kinda)

Still having some probs here with C8P crashing when opening
and the app will sometimes make a weird clik/pop noise when closing
the Key Editor window.

That being said, once the app IS open, I have been doing
hours and hours of work with projects that really push
the system.

C8P has been as smooth as silk and I have had no crashes at all.

Still ‘Undo’ in the mixer and ‘Movable Rails’ would be way kool.

Agreed. Would be a great addition.


Should be integrated in the project history tasks :wink:


+1 for this. Providing it didn’t slow anything down, I’d like to see undo on the mixer too! …maybe on the stock plugins parameters too?

Don’t some other DAWs even allow undos on 3rd party plugins?

As much as I love Cubase, this is getting ridiculous…so far behind in this aspect.

Sorry still thinking this is not practical, with 100 changes every few minuets, it would take more time searching the history, than just adjusting back some changes.
A snapshot feature, where you could make unlimited and name able snapshots of the mixer, that I could/would use.