undo instrument or EQ changes


How do i undo EQ changes when I’ve done something i don’t like…

when i click undo from the menu bar it starts undoing other stuff ive done in the project.

I want to be able to undo last actions when i do EQ changes etc


There is no undo, because Cubase has mixer that is made to resemble hardware mixer. There is channels and faders and mute and solo, just like in any hardware mixer. Hardware mixers also do not have undo. You move knob, and if you do not like it you move it again, until you like it, thats it.

no undo for mixer elements yet.
i think its gonna be in Cubase 9 … hopefully also mix scenes

As stated above, there is no undo feature as such but you can use the A/B function as a limited form of undo.

At the top of any plugin or VSTi window there is an A/B button. This allows you to switch between the A or B setting, (or with a right click, you can copy from A to B). This allows you to completely alter all settings in the knowledge that you can instantly switch back to the original setting.

There is a similar function for the Cubase channel EQ but to access it, you have to right click on the EQ/spectrum in the channel editor window and select it from the dropdown menu.

I really hope they get an undo function in the mixer and one that works for instruments too. It’s a hassle working with Padshop Pro doing sound design work…I often want to quickly change a bunch of things and then be able to go back to where I was…but not possible without undo…

That’s what A/B is for