Undo isn't working after writing automation on Mac, here

Hey folks, I’ve run into an issue in Cubase Pro 11. If I write automation on a track (not MIDI CC, but volume/mute, etc.), I seem to be losing the ability to use undo any other steps afterwards, I hit Cmd-Z and it isn’t doing anything. If I close down the project and reopen it, everything behaves as expected, but if automate another fader, it happens again. Not the end of the world, but it’s a little odd. Any suggestions?


It works for me here in Cubase 11.0.40.

My steps were:

  • Add Audio track.
  • Write some Volume automation
  • Add another Audio track.
  • Record some Audio
  • Undo
    → The record was undone.
  • Undo
    → The Add Audio track 02 was undone.
  • Undo
    → The Automation Write was undone.
  • Undo
    → The Add Track 01 was undone.

Hey Martin, thanks for the reply. I did the newest update of Cubase yesterday, and for the time being at least things seem to be working fine again.

Well, that didn’t last. I added some volume automation to a VCA, and afterwards I recorded some MIDI on another track, and I can’t undo it. The Undo/Redo functions are greyed out in the Edit menu, and while I can see new stuff being added to my Undo History as I do them, I can’t select any of the previous steps. If I close and reopen the project, Undo works fine again. There’s nothing from before reopening still in my Undo History, I haven’t used it enough to know if that’s normal or not.