Undo last key command change

Hi all,

is there a way to undo the latest change I made to the keycommand settings? Or: only reset the key commands for a certain function. (If I understand it right, the button “reset key commands” would reset ALL made changes.


I’m afraid not, no. You can edit the keycommands_de.json file from your user-level application data in a text editor if need be, but it’s probably simpler to manually find the command you added the unwanted shortcut for in the Key Commands page of Preferences, and remove it there.

Thanks @dspreadbury !

Could you point me to a complete list of the default key command settings of Dorico 5, so I can compare the changes? Somehow I have difficulty here to change it back. Thanks.

Not really, no. Help > Key Commands will show you your current shortcuts, and it doesn’t differentiate between the shortcuts you’ve defined yourself and the ones that are in the factory set. You can look at the factory-supplied keycommands_de.json file in a text editor. You’ll find it inside the Dorico 5 folder in Program Files on Windows, or inside the Dorico application package on macOS.

If you use Time Machine on Mac, or any sort of backup, you should be able to compare two versions of the same file.