Undo list gets messed up

First things first: I don’t have a reproducible example for this, sorry.

It has now happened to me twices that the “undo” history seems to get completely messed up.
Both times it happened directly after putting in dynamics from the Shift+D popup: I put in the dynamics, I see that I’ve done something wrong ,and I press Strg+Z (because I use Dorico in German). But the wrong dynamics stay. I Press Strg+Z again, nothing happens
What I did not see was that actually things did happen: Dorico undid something that has been multiple steps in the past.
And: Once the undo history is scrambled, it happens again and again, every time you want to undo something. I put something in, it happens to be wrong, I press the undo shortcut, and something else gets undone.
When I save the file and restart Dorico, everything is fine again.

Has this happended to anybody else?
I can’t remember this happening before D4, so maybe something new?

Thanks, Estigy

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Will it help to know that Undo in Dorico includes selecting and deselecting as separate steps? If you didn’t already know that, observe what happens now that you do.

If you did already know that, you’ll have to describe a reproducible bug in detail to get more answers.

Hi, Mark.

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m very aware that selecting stuff is a undoalbe thing on its own, but this has nothing to do with what I am describing here.
In fact, when the bug appears and I press Strg+Z, the very thing I have just put in and want to undo stays selected, while “something” else is being undone.

Unfortunately, I have no reproducible test case, but I have observed this now twice, and I have described it as best as I can. It is not “in your face” when it’s happening, so it’s not this simple kind of “oh, let’s quickly make a screenshot as there’s obviously something wrong” bug. :wink:

I tried to see if I could reproduce something like this here in the office, but without any success. If this happens again, your best bet is to send me the score you were editing, letting me know exactly which dynamic you were editing when it started going wrong, and what it was that you typed into the popover. My email address is r dot lanyon at steinberg dot de.


I have the exact same problem. in my case here I started to write the new notes (last bar) and wanted to undo it, but suddenly dorico starts to undo my songtext (deleting the last input of the lyric word “Trauer”) but the notes in the last bar stay…

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-09 um 13.44.05
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-09 um 13.46.23
I tried to continue working, typing in some more notes, but still if I press Str+Z Dorico keeps deleting the songtext, instead of deleting my notes in the last bar, so aparently the undo list stops adding my new actions…?
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-09 um 13.51.22

This now happened to me many times, which is really nerveracking and dangerous, because in the beginning, when I didn’t know the problem yet, I pressed Strg+Z and thought “nothing is happening” but aparently now Dorico deleted other objects somewhere else in the score, which I created before. So now I will probably find out one day in the future (at the rehearsal…?) which objects have been deleted when and where… :expressionless: this is really extremely frustrating and I hope very much that that bug gets corrected very soon.

The only way, that I’ve found to solve this is to completely close dorico and reopen the file.

@Richard_Lanyon thanks for your offer, I will send you the file via Email, maybe you can find out, what the exact problem is?

Unfortunately this isn’t enough on its own. When Undo goes wrong, it is usually because some there is an internal problem with a specific edit that messes up the edit “history” - the list of edits. This means that the problem was usually triggered some time before the time when you actually invoke Undo and see something going wrong. So, in your case, it won’t be the note input that was the problem, it will have been something that you did before then.

With the original poster it sounded like it might be something to do with inputting dynamics, which is why I asked for his score, but in your case it doesn’t sound like that’s true. Could it be something to do with lyric input? If we can work out what the trigger is then we can try to fix it.

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