Undo - list like in Cubase?


is there (or is it intended to be) a list with the “Undo” and “Redo” steps, like there is in Cubase? It would be very helpful to have an overview, especially if you want to restore something that is a bit further in the past (which often happens, since in Dorico every little step is recorded…).


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It’s not currently included in Dorico, but it is something we plan to add in a future version.


Thanks a lot, Daniel.

I would have a supplementary question (or suggestion… :wink: ):

Could you, maybe optionally, make an undo/redo mode that does NOT include every single click (like selecting a note), but only actual changes/additions. So that not the selection of the note is saved in the history, but only if e.g. the note was changed? In principle, this is probably also the case in Cubase or Word.

I’m currently cleaning up notes where I use “Undo” and “Redo” to compare whether it is as it should be. If I now have “undone” and only click on a note from which I want to listen to the part (start playing with “p”), “restore” is already no longer possible because selecting the note overwrites the recorded history.
Additionally, this makes the history much shorter…

Optionally being the crucial operator. When applying a property to a bunch of non-consecutive notes/items (having Cmd/Ctrl-clicked them), it’s very useful to be able to undo solely the note/item that was selected by accident, rather than having to start Cmd/Ctrl-clicking again from the beginning.


Yes, I understand that very well! But it pinches me to add that the selection process is (unfortunately) still quite error-prone, so of course it’s good to have it in the history :wink:
And when I have become better with the selection, THEN I can set it - optionally - differently :wink:

I agree with Hartmut that, for the purpose of comparing musical edits, undoing and redoing selections (some of which may have been mistaken) and mode switches is unnecessarily granular. The challenge then becomes how to separate the wheat from the chaff for an Undo/Redo list. I wonder whether there will be difficult choices to make with that.

Excluding select is already done on one level as there is no asterisk denoting an altered score if the only operations carried out are things like select or play. So I’d also agree with Helmut here. Even better if we could choose edit-only or the current system.