Undo list

Going back a few steps with undo in Dorico is a pain. Please add an undo-list for all operations , which were done since the last start of Dorico. This is common for at least the most professional programs.

I agree. This may be hard to implement in Dorico but it certainly would make life easier. When undoing or redoing actions, it’s often hard to differentiate between simple mouse clicks and operations which take a long time and I often find myself having undone too much (or not enough) because I’m only guessing which particular action Dorico’s [re]doing. It’d be great to be able to call up a window with a list of actions which could be undone or redone in one go.

This has been asked before, so I’m sure it’s on the team’s list.

Asked before but just so it’s in this ‘Undo list’ thread…
In addition to history, please can we just have an option to remove selection from undo, so that it moves by material changes.

The word “just” is very insidious – you use it as if you assume that doing this would be simple, which it would not. I don’t rule it out for the future, but I just want to make sure that you are not operating under the misapprehension that our failure to accede is unwarranted because it would be trivial to achieve. To be clear: it is not trivial to achieve.

However, we do of course plan to make it possible to show more information about what will be undone/redone and allow you to go back to a particular undo step in a future version.

is there any sort of “archival-save” feature, by that where you issue save and a copy of the previously saved versions are retained ?
(like a built-in RCS) ?
In this manner, you could just do ctrl-s frequently knowing you could get back to any stable state in case you go down a rabbit hole.

The previous five saves are saved in the backup folder automatically.

is that what triggers those ? I thought those might be timed backups.

No, timed saves are still on the todo list.

Daniel, I gave up programming in the 80’s… I don’t think anything is trivial… Sorry if ‘just’ offended - I think I meant it as a subset of a full undo history. I feel in safe hands with the Dorico team deciding what needs to be done when.