"Undo lyric text alignment" very slow

I notice this on all files. If some lyrics have a lyric alignment property set,

  1. Select all lyrics
  2. Un-toggle lyric alignment property in the bottom panel

It works, but even for a one-page score, this operation takes as long as eight seconds on a pretty fast machine. It’s quite surprisingly slow, and before I came to expect it, I thought Dorico was frozen. Just making sure nothing is amiss.

I need further clarification, Dan: by default, the Lyric alignment property is not set. Why is it already set for all lyrics such that you need to unset it?

This is for revising older files. I had set the first syllables of each system to be left-aligned, but of course now there’s an Engraving Option for this. So when I open an old file, I’ve been systematically resetting some of these things.

That property was set only for a few lyrics, but I selected all of them so I could turn off all offsets and alignments.